black MoMA

Museum of Modern Art
Pop Rally/Studio Visit: Practice as Ritual

black MoMA, performance, (1h:15m)
[compost, white tarp, original shovel and hoe, theatrical backlight]

Pop Rally, Studio Visit: Practice As Ritual, request artists Torkwase Dyson, YATTA, and González to respond to the Agnes Gund Gallery for a shared evening of work.

black MoMA responds to the collected work, Promenade Notebook Drawing for Obama from Artist (2008), as it pertains to Richard Serra's use of lithographic technique (charcoal against white canvas). Referring to choreographies of the plantation in MoMA's Sculpture Garden, González tills compost into geometric patterns over a duration of two hours. Audiences have limited access to the performance from a vantage point behind the atrium wall with theatrical backlighting producing only a silhouette of the performer (not captured in this archival side-angle). González is leather-outfitted using handcrafted farming tools, compost, and a white tarp surface to elaborate on the labor of tone.

images by Arlene Kravitz