Performance Installation
La MaMa Experimental Theater, 2019
MINKA Brooklyn, 2018
video, 1h:10m
[UV light Design, UV-activated Scuba costuming]

In Jonathan González's Obeah, a duet between Katrina Reid and Rena Anakwe compose a sisterhood figuring the Afro-Caribbean mythologies of ‘Obeah woman’ as sorceress of the dead, in regards to the untraceable work, A Black Ritual (Obeah) by Agnes De Mille (1940) noted in NYCB Negro Wing premiere, and ‘wake work’ understood through the theoretics of Christina Sharpe’s, “In the Wake”. Obeah proposes the theater as a container for a poetic descent into the oceans – into the oceanic site where folklore dictates ‘Obeah women’ reside as gatekeepers – into an alliteration on black feminine tropes as they relate to water, grief, and superstition..

Performer: Katrina Reid
Sound Artist: Rena Anakwe
Costume Design: Marlene Seecharan
Video Artist: Pam Liou
curated by Ali Rosa-Salas
Performed at MINKA brooklyn
Presented as part of Brookyln Arts Exchange/Submerge 2017: Break Time