How To Play

2017, Center for Performance Research
45m:00, video

How To Play… is the culminating work of Gonzalez’s Center for Live Performance artist residency at the Center for Performance Research.

How To Play… is a meditation on definitions of the ‘Human’ as they refer to positions of black social life -- regarding the work of Sylvia Wynter (No Humans Involved) -- and entanglements of humans with land and other biodiversities -- referring to Katherine McKittrick (Demonic Grounds). In collaboration with Chazz Bruce (performer), Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste (sound designer), and Devin Morris (installation artist), the immersive exhibition and performance provoke representations of punk black aesthetics and making space for rage. 

Concept & Choreography: Jonathan Gonzalez
Performer: Chazz Giovanni Bruce
Sound Design & Composition: Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste
Dramaturgy: Ali Rosa-Salas
Textile Installation: Devin Morris
Scenic Design: Miguel Cardona

New Voices in Live Performance is an annual curatorial program at CPR that invites emerging and established voices to organize a series of public events, including performances, workshops, installations, panel discussions, or any other format imagined by the invited artist(s). This season’s NViLP presents How to Play Under the Sun.

images by Andre Douglas and Maria Baranova